Welcome to City by the Spire, which is for my campaign set in Ptolus. It is bare bones at the moment, but I will add stuff over the next few weeks to get it semi-functional while the real site design work is in progress.

So here is the final lineup of players and times - but remember, there will be lots of chances for crossovers, as well as side stories where different people can work together, so expect to meet everyone over time:           

Here are the two guides I have made for players:
        Players' Guide to Ptolus - this is my version that includes the official PG plus a lot of other stuff I think you need to make a better character.
       Character Creation - the current guidelines for making a character in the game.

The Gallery of the Famous and Infamous - portraits of some of the leading citizens of Ptolus (still work in progress) 

Maps - More will be added as you visit places. (Note the District map links don't lead anywhere at the moment - nothing is broken, just nothing to point towards yet.)   

Ptolus City Map   City map where each district can be clicked on to open a map of just that area (these are still in progress).

   Map of the Empite of Tarsis

           Map of the region surrounding Ptolus


Other Useful Links
        Languages - here is what Monte wrote up about the languages of Praemal
        Party Record Sheet - this is a webpage view of the party record sheet - must be edited in Google Docs here but make sure no one else is doing so!
        Rules for Technology - look here for all rules about machines and guns that are added to the setting.
                                                    (Note: ALL rules for guns are here - these replace ALL Pathfinder mechanics regarding guns)
Special Materials - materials not covered in the core rules that may or may not show up in the game
        Posting Wall - located in Delver's Square, this is a place for delvers to find work, or people looking to hire adventurers for various jobs
        Deities of Ptolus - details on the various gods of the setting, including domains, favored weapons, symbols.
        Magic - details on clerical domains, new spells, and magic items (including some information on the Dreaming Apothecary - you have been warned...)

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