Midtown  If Ptolus has a heart (though most would say that it doesn’t), it is Midtown. This is the crossroads of Ptolus, where common folks rub shoulders with the not-so-common, where everyone goes in order to get anywhere else, and where all newcomers to the city inevitably end up first. Midtown is the most cosmopolitan area of what is almost certainly the most cosmopolitan city in the world.


Midtown may be the most purely “Ptolus” section of town. This is where adventurers come, where a lot of nonhumans live—in essence, this is the hub of the city. “Everything passes through Midtown,” the saying goes.

The streets are about ten feet wide—fifteen feet wide in a few places, and Center Street, which traverses the entire district on a diagonal, is a full twenty feet wide. Regardless of their width, the streets are almost always crowded with locals going about their business and others just passing through to get to one of the Market
wards, the Temple District, the Guildsman District, or Oldtown.

The smell of cooked meals mixes with the odor of garbage and sewage at times, but often the rainwater clears away the nastier refuse. A dog tethered to a hook in the door of a house barks at passersby. Children kick a ball around in front of the adjacent house. Across the street, a vendor with a wooden cart full of apples and pears sells her wares for a few coppers. The streets are full of people carrying things: their washing, freshly bought bread, a child or two, their trash to dump into the river,
or a stack of newly printed broadsheets for distribution. And that’s just for starters.

Location Type Price Quality Owner Notes
Delver's Square         Location of main entrance to Undercity Market, and major hub for delvers and their fans
the Ghostly Minstrel Inn/Bar $$ *** Vard Hillman Popular delver's hangout, many famous patrons
Posting Wall         In Delver's Square, a place where jobs and other ads for delvers are posted