There are many people living in Ptolus - over 75,000, in fact. Most of them lead lives of almost complete anonymity, save for the few people in the circles - outside of those few, no one would know or recognize them, for the most part. And the majority of the people in the city are perfectly fine with this lack of fame.

But there are those who, be virtue of their positions or their deeds, have reached a level of fame (or infamy, or both...) that many in the city could identify them on sight or by name.

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The Nobility & Leaders 

Igor Urnst,
Imperial Commissar
Brunhild Urnst,
Wife of the Commissar
Therese Urnst,
Eldest daughter
Marie Urnst,
Middle daughter
Gertraud and Sonya,
Twin youngest daughters
Lord of House Abanar
Yavan Helliscon,
Owner of Swordthrower's Club
Lord of House Dallimothan
Klaron Dallimothan,
Great aunt
Favil Dallimothan,
Utresh Dallimothan Narris Dallimothan
Lady of House Erthuo
Vaethir Erthuo Cordelia Erthuo    
Lord of House Kahtru
Camren Kahtru,
Eldest son
Beatriz Kahtru,
Youngest daughter
Lady of House Kath
Matrenus Kath Raule Kath Sallina Kath Juranan Kath
Katerin Kath Ethisa Kath Tallaeth Kath    
Lady of House Nagel
Kurtlan Nagel,
Missing Lord
Nilla Nagel Yarek Nagel  
Lady of House Rau
Kalbir Rau Nara Rau Bellas Rau  
Lord of House Sadar
Enis Sadar Synlass Perideth    
Lord of House Shever
Redalla Shever,
Wife of Thollos
Marcad Shever,
Brother of Thollos
Lord of House Vladaam
Alaister Vladaam Gattara Vladaam Godfred Vladaam Navanna Vladaam
Doraedian Mythord Lothao Valinth,
Twelve Commanders
Lord of Castle Shard
Lady of Castle Shard
Leader of Zar'at Harrow Elves
Cabais Fortin,
Minister of Religion
Heffrul Dominarik,
Minister of Health
Jura Quenan,
Minister of Education
Marcus Niolanthor,
Minister of Guilds
Nillis Regarson,
Minister of Safety
Nord Steelgrim,
Minister of Public Works
Yarranna Montass,
Minister of Trade

Religious Leaders

Rehobeth Ylestos,
Holy Emperor of Lothian
Kirian Ylestos,
Holy Prince of the Church
Adlam Theobold,
Archbishop of St. Valien's
Nireus Pard,
Bishop of Lothian in Ptolus
Fabitor Thisk,
Lothian Priest at St. Gustav's
Grand Druid
Maeda von Rustal,
High Priestess of Teun
Mand Scheben,
Priest of Asche
Priest of Niveral
Thorrim Kolvir,
Paladin of Lothian
Brit Calomir and Melior Kalen,
High Priests of Gaen
Stern Vsool,
Paladin of Gaen
Liessa Vergan,
High Priestess of the Celestial Conclave
Urlenius the Ogre-Mage,
Star of Navashstrom

Military (The Twelve Commanders: Lord Khatru, Doraedian Mythlord, Aoska, Ashby Gerard, Beck von Tibbitz, Boren Darsal, Dierna Hillerchaun, Geffrey Barton, Kabel Dathimol, Ogden Reinhard, Rechel Pattemon, Yorid Glitterfist)

Representative of the Malkuth
Ashby Gerard,
Retired Watch Commander
Beck von Tibbitz,
Knights of the Veil leader
Phadian Gess,
Knights of the Veil Seneschel
Dierna Hillerchaun,
Knights of the Pale Leader
Brig Stoneheart,
Knight of the Pale
Prince Ironheart,
Knight of the Pale
Geffrey Barton,
Famous warrior
Kabel Dathimol,
Order of the Dawn Commander
Ogden Reinhard,
Famous warrior
Boren Darsal,
Famous warrior
Rechel Pattemon,
Viridian Lord
Wynn Rabinall,
Order of the Fist leader
Yorid Glitterfist,
Ambassador from Kaled Del

Business Leaders



Sheva Callister,
Found the Crown of Ki-Lias 


Menon Balacazar,
Head of the Family
Malkeen Balacazar,
Heir to Menon
Arkhall Vaugn,
Chief Wizard
Malkeen's Bodyguard
Cerinthan Sansera,
Envoy of the Family
Kevris Killraven,
Leader of Killravens
    Sobac Redwand,
Famous Master Thief


the Iron Mage,
Master Mage
Jevicca Nor,
Inverted Pyramid Member
Moynath Autumnsong,
Elven Mage