The Rivergate District is the residential area of Ptolus where much of the city’s “middle class” (also called the “merchant class”) resides. Merchants in both market districts dream of retiring to a nice quiet house in the Rivergate District, which shows not only that people idealize the area, but that most consider the Nobles’ Quarter forever out of their reach. (They are, of course, correct.)


If Midtown is the most “Ptolus” section of the city, the Rivergate District is the least. If Midtown is all about delvers and adventure, Rivergate is all about commoners, family, and a nice, quiet, comfortable life.

Much of the Rivergate District is divided into little cul-de-sacs called “burrows.” These can become quite insular; one starts to think of the other people in the burrow as family, just like those with actual blood ties. Everyone always knows the business of everyone else in the burrow and tends to look upon “outsiders” with suspicion.

Ivy-covered walls, pleasant fountains, and pigeon-covered statues are common here. Things usually seem relatively quiet in Rivergate, particularly at night, when the streets are well-lit but empty.


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