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There is a lot to experience in a game set in Ptolus - the Big Book itself is almost 700 pages, and there is at least that much again in PDFs. I obviously don't expect anyone else to know even a quarter of all this, but for those who want to explore more to help create a more grounded character, I am putting up a lot of material on this site.

The biggest piece you should read is the page on the Races that are options in Ptolus - there are a few different choices than the core rules, both in terms of changes to existing ones (elves do have to sleep, for example), as well as different subraces (drow are not a playable race, since as a race they are executed on sight in the city).

For clerics and paladins, the biggest choice is whether to follow the official faith in the Empire - the Church of Lothian - or to follow one of the new gods. Details on each are given under the Religion pages.

For information on the specific areas of the city, click the district name below:

The Docks Guildsman District Midtown The Necropolis Noble's Quarter North Market
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