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Character Creation


The races approved for PCs are listed under Races, and at this time are the ONLY ones I will approve. As I have time, I will add to the list - but if you don't see it listed, do not ask, as the answer is no.


Classes from the PHB are all allowed, though some are better suited than others. For example, bards will shine in a game where the party chooses to follow mostly urban threads, whereas barbarians will (mostly) be very much left out unless you come up with a great reason and character style that lets them thrive in a city like Ptolus.

In general, the wild classes need some special thought on your part to make them fit in well-enough to do well in a campaign that is probably at least 50/50 city/dungeon crawl. I am not saying no, but I have only had one barbarian played fruitfully in all my times running Ptolus (a total of five campaigns, two almost six years played currently, the other three six to nine months each - so roughly fourteen years total play time), so I do admit I strongly advise against them. But I do love to be proven wrong!

All other base classes are not allowed at this time - no exceptions!


As for subclasses - I was going to put together a list of approved ones, but there are just so damn many I gave up. So instead, the rule of thumb for looking for one is that players need to be at WORST neutral in alignment, and know that falling into evil will most likely turn them into an NPC (unless we discuss a story arc where I think they can return to the light side in relatively short order).

Other than that, the rules are: the subclass must be from WotC approved sources, and you must provide either a page number, or if it is UA sourced material, a link to the post (or preferrably copy and past the entire entry - including formatting it to make it easy to read). I also want you to include why the subclass is important to you in terms of roleplaying (as opposed to "the cool mechanics I get for combat". That does not mean it is automaticlly approved, but I will give proper consideration - you can help push me towards yes by giving me ample evidence of how you want to run your character in terms of goals and personality (I do understand at this stage it will be still vague, I don't want you to go to all the trouble of writing an awesome backstory tied into the setting, just in case I do say no - keep it simple but still flavorful).

Starting Level and Stats

Right now, characters will be 3rd level upon starting - both to give you more to work with in terms of creating their personality, and to help with survivability (Ptolus is a deadly setting - always keep this in mind). Stats will use the following base array (before races): 16,14,13,12, 12, 10. NO YOU MAY NOT JUST FIGURE OUT THE POINT BUY AND SPEND THE POINTS IN OTHER WAYS - DO NOT ASK!