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Technology is an additional option for characters with appropriate backgrounds (a member of the Shuul or a Grailwarden dwarf) or class choices (such as clerics of a technology god). I am not going to be overly picky in who I let choose it, but you do need to give me some sort of reason. Most wizards won't have it - why would they, when they can achieve the same outcome with a word and a wave of the hand?

Simultaneous Actions
In initiative, if there is a tie, all actions happen at once. This does mean you could kill an enemy in the same instant they kill you.

I like the general concept of inspiration in 5e, but not the execution. So I am going to use my take on something I found online - Inspired Action cards (though I am gonna HATE making the deck for this for the Roll20 game...). Basically you will have a card you can play at different times (some are social, some are combat, some are movement, etc.) that will let you have a dramatic impact on the scene. You can have up to three at any given time. You will automatically get one when you level, and can gain others thru solid roleplay and imaginitive combat participation.

When you gain a card, you roll 1d10 and draw from the appropriate deck: Copper (1-4) - Silver(5-7) - Gold (8-9) - Platinum levels (10). Cards are pretty much in beta-testing, so I do reserve the right to change the effect (while staying with the spirit of the card's name).

To encourage the use of rests, I am changing the times to the following:

Short Rests # Long Rests
15 min 1 8 hours
30 min 2 12 hours
1 hour 3 16 hours
2 hours 4 24 hours