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Technology is an additional option for characters with appropriate backgrounds (a member of the Shuul or a Grailwarden dwarf) or class choices (such as clerics of a technology god). I am not going to be overly picky in who I let choose it, but you do need to give me some sort of reason. Most wizards won't have it - why would they, when they can achieve the same outcome with a word and a wave of the hand?

Simultaneous Actions
In initiative, if there is a tie, all actions happen at once. This does mean you could kill an enemy in the same instant they kill you.

I like the general concept of inspiration in 5e, but not the execution. So I am going to use my take on something I found online - Inspired Action cards (though I am gonna HATE making the deck for this for the Roll20 game...). Basically you will have a card you can play at different times (some are social, some are combat, some are movement, etc.) that will let you have a dramatic impact on the scene. You can have up to three at any given time.