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Ptolus is filled with many groups, all with their own agendas. Alliances happen all the time, but no true groups are entirelyin synch, except perhaps in the broadest ways. The following groups are commonly known enough that most characters could conceivably know of them.

Balacazar Crime Family - one of the more ruthless thieves' guilds, headed by Menon Balacazar (think the Mafia of the 1920's)
Brotherhood of Redemption - a group of monks who seek to rehabilitate intelligent evil monsters and bring them into society
Circle of Green - ancient order of druids that was apparently wiped out by Ghul, but whose influence is still felt today
Commissar's Men, the - the elite military unit under the direct command of the Commissar (and whom are known to be fanatically loyal to him)
Conciliators, the - an order in the Church of Lothain that still advocates for the Edicts of Deviltry and banning (at sword-point) other faiths
Dark Leaf - a minor thieves'guild made up of elves and a few half-elves, non-violent in their methods
Delver’s Guild - the fastest growing group in the city, it is made up of delvers, source of a great deal of wealth coming into the city from the Dungeon
Dreaming Apothecary - the only source for custom magic items in the city (other than potions and scrolls), extremely violent in protecting their monopoly
Fallen, the - fiends and undead living in the Dark Reliquary in the Necropolis, lead by Raguael, the god of evil
Fate Weavers - a radical group who believe in prophecy and actively editing lives to insure their ideal future comes forth, closely affiliated with the Watcher in the Skies
Forsaken, the - degenerate mortals who seek to follow and worship the Fallen
Goldshields - arcanists who help patrol the city (usually invisibly) to insure magic isn't abused 
Guilds, the - the many economic groups who control the various industries in Ptolus
House Abanar - focused on investing and banking, this house is infamous for allowing people to buy their way into titles
House Dallimothan - known as House Dragon, it is supposedly comprised of mostly dragons, half-dragons and a few dragonborn
House Erthuo - scholars and historians, they are more focused on mundane rather that magical knowledge
House Kath - the socialites of the city, and grand patrons of the arts and cultural events
House Khatru - the leading military family, its head despises magic-users and wishes they would be banned
House Nagel - formerly importers and craftsmenwith a great reputation for charity and supporting the people, the house has fallen on hard times since its lord vanished a year ago, they are the second most loved house (after Kath)
House Rau - spymasters and smugglers, they bought their way into the nobility a couple of hundred years ago
House Sadar - House Shadow, they are very closely connected to the Shadowplane and magics related to shadow
House Shever - embracing technology the rest of the empire seems to be forgetting, they own one of the few remaining airships in the Empire, and have the highest number of dwarves of any of the houses
House Vladaam - the oldest house, and considered the most wicked, this house is rumored to cavort with fiends and werewolves, and to seek the overthrow of the Commissar in favor of themselves; they are tolerated only due to several ancient pacts, as well as their vast wealth
Imperial Academy of Music - relocated to Ptolus from Tarsis, this is the purview of House Kath, and many of the greatest bards in the last few centuries trained here before making their names in the Empire at large
Imperial Eyes - technically agents of the Lion-Guarded Throne, in practice these special agents serve the Commissar as elite operatives
Inverted Pyramid - the greatest arcane organization in the world, no one knows where its actual headquarters lies, but almost all arcanists of any note are members (though the great Iron Wizard has publicly and forcefully refused to join
Keepers of the Veil - a relatively large order of those opposed to the undead and fiends of the Necropolis, they push to be allowed to enter the great walled cemetery and wage war of the evils it contains
Killraven Crime League - the newest of the major thieves' guilds, it is also the most willing to embrace violence for the sake of violence
Knights of the Chord - a small order of militant bards and their supporters
Knights of the Golden Cross - an ancient order that venerates the First Gods, its numbers shrinking the further people get from organized worship of them
Knights of the Pale - a small but aggressive order specifically chartered to fight undead, they are the scrappy little brother to the Keepers of the Veil
Longfingers Guild - the oldest of the three main thieves' guilds, it is the most traditional in both organization and behavior
Malkuth, the - based in the Pale Tower in Oldtown, the Malkuth are a group of celestials who live in the city, and serve as a counter to the Fallen
Order of Darya - an order of nuns in the Church of Lothain, they run orphanges that care for the abandoned children in the city
Order of Iron Might - the warriors' guild, they also run the Arena in Oldtown, and serve as the main clearinghouse for mercenaries to find work
Order of the Bow - an elven order of master bowyers, based in Midtown
Order of the Dawn - the largest order of holy knights in the world, they are the military arm of the Church of Lothain. They number close to five hundred in Ptolus, currently serve as the personal guard of Prelate Rehobeth
Order of the Fist - second largest order of monks, they offer instuction in combat to anyone at the grand hall
Pale Dogs - the largest street gang in the city, they work out of the Warrens and are rumored to be controlled by one of the thieves' guilds
Republicans, the - a radical group seeking to secede from the Empire and turn Ptolus into a democracy
Shuul, the - relatively new group associated with the Foundry, they are seeking to return technology to its former glory; leading purveyor of guns in the city
Sisterhood of Silence - female group of monks under vows of silence, they help patrol the city and are considered a legitimate arm of the law, usually travel in pairs accompanied by young (12-15 year old) boys and girls who know how to read their expressions and gestures
Twelve Commanders, the - a semi-formal group of men and women the Commissar calls on to help direct the defense of the city
Viridian Lords - powerful group of rangers throughout the Palastan area