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Demographic Breakdown of PtolusPtolus has over seventy-five thousand people officially living inside it's walls. Though it is mostly human, the city is strange compared to the rest of the empire due to the mix of different races and cultures. It isn't unusual to see a Litorian arguing with an Uraqi merchant about prices of trade goods, while a pair of bemused elves observe the debate.

Almost any race can be found here - even ones that normally would be considered illegal elsewhere are tolerated as long as they obey the laws of both Empire and city. The only flat exception to this is drow - due to incidents in the past, dark elves are executed on sight in any settlement in the Empire. There are a few extremely rare exceptions, the most well-known in Ptolus being whoever is serving as the ambassador from the drow deep beneath the city. Even then, whoever she is can only expect safe harbor if the drow inform the commissar well in advance of her arrival, and then she must travel via teleport magic, conduct whatever necessary business required her presence (and with only a retinue of ten other drow), and then they all must immediately return home via the same magic. Under no circumstances would they be allowed to walk the city streets.

In the chart to the left, replace the word lizardfolk for planetouched (mostly tieflings and aasimars, but also a few genasi of the various elements).



The Nobility - a listing of the major houses, their leaders and major family members, along with a brief description that most people in the city would at least slightly know.

Organizations - the power groups that matter in the city, these are among the most powerful movers and shakers in the world, even if their individual members might not be all that personally strong.

Individuals - not every man or woman is a part of either the rich or the organized, but they still have some influence on, or knowledge of, city events.