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We will be using mostly standard D&D 5e rules - I suggest 5e SRD as your online resource for rules info. Keep in mind this is limited in that it only includes what WotC has designated as Open Game License material, but I plan on finding some way to get all of us access to the full range of 5e rules.

At present, the only subsections are Character Creation (fairly simple still) and Houserules (pretty much non-existant at the moment - but feel free to suggest things).

Character Creation - also check out the Races section under Background for specific details on the allowed races in the campaign.

Houserules - I will try to remind people when these get updated, but check often, and feel free to send me comments (or post them in the forum, once it gets posted). Suggestions are happily considered - I am really still learning 5e, so I welcome experienced playerss' thoughts.