The Mother of All Machines

An old Prustan deity, Teun is the goddess of machines and technology. She is revered by Grailwarden dwarves as well as humans. When she first became a goddess her main goal was to provide technology to civilizations that would welcomingly restructure their government to be more civilized with law and order. Once she reached her prime though she began to back off and instead direct her followers to be creative in her stead as she began to work on her ultimate creation, a construct with the spark of divinity at its core. Once completed she announced to those of her church to split into two. One worshiping herself and the other worshiping the new goddess Tevra. This weakened the church's long held influence on the civilizations of the world and led to the two churches being vulnerable to the inquisition against technology which decimated all of the churches in the empire. Tevra was so devastated by the lack of worship that she was put into a deep slumber. The word of Teun is now not of innovation but of rediscovery and protection of knowledge. Some say that Teun has become distant and cold ever since her daughter's slumber...

Alignment: LN
Areas of Concern: Using technology to further civilization, inventions, order as progress
Domains: Civilization, Law, Technology
Favored Weapon:
Dragon Pistol or Heavy Mace (made to resemble a gearshaft)
Symbol: Gear
Sacred Animal: Construct Dog
Sacred Color(s):
Crimson and Gold

The majority of the worshipers of Teun are Grailwarden dwarves, followed by humans which were originally her primary worshipers. Generally those who believe in a logical and highly structured civilization which takes advantage of engineering and technology will fit into her doctrine.

Investigators, mages who build constructs, alchemists, and other classes who focus on intelligence fit very well with Teun. Clerics as always are the best at worshiping, but the previously named classes are appreciated greatly by Teun as long as they use their talents to enhance civilization and spread the use of technology.

Salvage forgotten technologies and keep them safe. Chaositech is the only technology she is wary of as it inherently goes against the laws of the world. Other goals include: using technology to further civilization, gaining more worshipers, and find out how to awaken her daughter from the deep slumber she has been in for a long time...

Those involved with the church of Teun generally have access to many amazing technological marvels, they tend to not overdress, but the high ranking members of the church tend to wear striking garb that is composed of pure crimson with gold buttons or trim. Things like buttons as well as tools are sometimes made in the shape of gears.

In the current day devotion is done through multiple ways; searching the world for new or lost technology to then bring to the church, create new technology and donate schematics to the church, give a prayer to Teun before or after experiencing the benefits of a lawful society. Priests pray at noon, as the midway point of a worker’s day, to give the strength and drive to continue on with their work.

Other Faiths
Teun generally tries to stay out of the business of other gods as she doesn't see the point in bickering. She does find it hard to step around the eggshells of Lothian, but she merely wishes to promote civilization as a whole and while the church of Lothian caused much of the empires technological progress to regress, the church also acts as a sturdy core to the empire which she believes can be very helpful in times of need. She is closest to her daughter, Tevra, who is in an endless sleep – Teun would give anything to have her daughter restored to wakefulness, believing that together they can bring technological order to the world.

The destruction of technology without any attempts to understand is the greatest crime against Teun. Even the most violent chaotic guns can hold vital secrets in how to progress the field as a whole. Besides that she expects those in her church to follow the laws of the land unless they are corrupt and inefficient, in those cases it is their task to change said system from within or through rebellion if it gets out of hand.

The Church
Teun's church is mainly concerned currently with preserving technology and the knowledge surrounding it. In the past they took an active role in civilizations and helping them create logical and efficient legal systems and sets of laws. Now they try to survive and not upset the cities that allow them to practice. Ptolus holds one of the central churches; the other is situated in the Grailwarden capital and enjoys a bit more space. The church still holds the majority of its major clergy in Ptolus as it is at the forefront of new technologies and the rediscovery of lost technologies.